Whether building new, expanding, or renovating, NuTec Design Associates, Inc.'s services are all about adding value to your specific challenges: getting you into your space faster, integrating your facility with your processes, acting as an extension of your staff to manage the entire project, combining critical components of your supply chain into a single solution, or responding to whatever your unique need happens to be with a customized solution.



Transforming Industrial & Corporate Facilities


Nutec Group has developed a national practice by focusing on several core industries, understanding our clients' businesses and markets, and providing services focused on their unique requirements.



Food & Beverage Processing

material handling, blending, cooking, cooling

Nutec's food and beverage group has a broad portfolio of planning, design and construction projects for international brands as well as smaller labels and co-pack facilities, with a focus on confectionaries, snack foods, bakeries, pet foods, and beverage/bottling facilities.

Manufacturing & Assembly

heavy manufacturing, light manufacturing

Nutec has extensive experience with the planning, design, and construction of heavy manufacturing, light manufacturing, assembly, automotive, foundries, printing, and other production spaces supported by in-house process and industrial engineers.


Distribution & Warehousing

high rack, cold storage, racking, slotting

With a deep portfolio of distribution centers and warehouses, Nutec's team regularly works with manufacturers, food processors, and third-party logistics developers on high bay facilities, cold storage and freezer buildings, perishable goods, and tilt-up projects.

Corporate & Administration

offices, employee amenity spaces

From Class A corporate offices to employee amenity and welfare areas, Nutec's portfolio includes employee cafeterias, lobbies, conference and training space, break and rest rooms, health suites, collaboration space, customer experience areas, and more.


Research & Biomedical

pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical CANNABIS

Nutec's research and biomedical experience runs the gamut from research laboratories (including BSL III), pharmaceutical production, clean rooms, medical cannabis grow/process, and medical device production, with NIH, AAALAC, FDA, and other related standards.


Other Markets

Government, commercial, mixed use

From governmental facilities - local government, Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, Veterans Administration - to commercial, hospitality, institutional, and historic renovation, Nutec's team has a deep portfolio of experience beyond our Core Markets.

Full-Service Architecture & Engineering


NuTec Design Associates, Inc. is a full-service architectural and engineering practice with a 30-year legacy of creating transformational solutions for our clients. The firm can provide a one-stop shop for integrated design solutions, and via our affiliate company as part of Nutec Group can offer expanded facilities support and construction solutions including turnkey design-build.